Air Conditioning


Why Service Your Air Con?

More people than ever have Air Conditioning in there vehicles, but most don’t realise that like the other components that make up a car, it also needs to be serviced on a semi-regular basis. Most car manufacturers recommend that you get it serviced at least every two years to make sure it is working as efficiently as possible. This is not included in your regular service so it’s important that you get this checked separately. Up to 10% of Air-Con gas can pass through from the system every year, so if your vehicle is over two years old and you’ve never had it serviced, now could be the time to get it done. Your Air-Con system is not only useful in the Summer for keeping you cool, in the Winter the cool dry air rather than the air from outside it much better at de-misting your windscreen.

How We Can Help.

At Northallerton Service Centre, we will recharge your Air Conditioning system with gas and lubricant that will get it working efficiently. Give us a call on 01609 772 139 to speak to one of our trained mechanics and see how we can help.