Car Exhausts


The Function Of The Exhaust.

The main functions of the exhaust is to improve fuel consumption, the performance of the engine, direct fumes away from passengers and to limit the amount of noise the vehicle produces.

What To Look For.

Inside the exhaust is a silencer that reflects the sound waves produced by the engine using a series of tubes. If a hole appears in the silencer then the tubes no longer work as efficiently and as a result, your car will be much louder.

Exhausts will also corrode over time and how long they can last depends on how often and how far you drive and not by the length of time it’s been fitted. If you predominately use your vehicle for short journeys then this can have a higher negative impact over a shorter amount of time than if you were to regularly drive over longer distances.

How We Can Help.

If you think that your vehicle is louder than normal or just want to get the exhaust checking out for peace of mind, give us a call on 01609 772139.