Wheel Alignment


What To Look For.

If you notice your vehicle ‘pulling’ to one side when driving this could be down to your wheels not being aligned properly. Each car maker has different specifications that they work to and as such every vehicle needs to be set up differently. Having the alignment set up properly can reduce the wear on your tyres and therefore enable them to last for longer.

When To Get It Checked.

All new cars will be set up according to the manufactures specifications but it is advisable to get the alignment set up again after 3000 miles. Usually, the wheel alignment doesn’t need to be looked at too often, but only if driven under normal driving conditions. If the vehicle has been involved in a severe incident then it would be advised to get this looked at. Likewise, when applying a new set of tyres, it is advisable to get the wheels re-aligned.

How We Can Help.

If you do notice your car drifting when driving, or if it squeals on a dry road when turning corners, give us a call on 01609 772 139 and speak to one of our advisers who will discuss with you the best course of action.