What Is An M.O.T?

M.O.T used to stand for the Ministry of Transport which was the Government department responsible for making sure that all vehicles on the road were roadworthy. This was referred to as an M.O.T Test and even when the Ministry of Transport was replaced with the Department of Transport the name survived.

An M.O.T test is required once your vehicle is 3 years old but this can be less for taxis and other passenger vehicles. After this it will need to be done annually and it is your responsibility to ensure that this is done.

What Is Looked For During An M.O.T Test?

Originally when the tests were first introduced in the 1960’s, it was only the steering, brakes and lights that were taken into consideration. Since then a lot more has been added on to it. Now it includes, the tyres, wheels, windscreen, engine mountings, seat belts and a lot more. Its role is to make sure that you are driving a legal and roadworthy vehicle and is safe for you and other road users. If your vehicle passes the test, you will be issued with a certificate. However, if your car fails the test, then you need to get it fixed and passed the test before you can take it back on the road.

How We Can Help.

An M.O.T test can only be carried out at approved Department of Transport garages and we are one of them! We also have the cheapest M.O.T’s in Northallerton at only £35. This doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality though as our highly knowledgeable and specially trained mechanics only offer the very best service. We will also give a detailed break down of any work that may be needed in order to get your car roadworthy. Call 01609 772 139 to speak to a member of staff and get booked in.