4×4 Specialist

What makes a 4×4 different?

With 4×4 vehicles all four wheels are powered as opposed to just two of the four wheels in non 4×4 vehicles. This means that horsepower is evenly split four ways instead of two, vastly reducing the chances of wheel spin and resulting in a more secure and stable feel; making them perfect for off-roading and capable of tackling varied non-uniform terrains.

Our expert knowledge

When it comes to specialist vehicles such as 4x4s it is important to have someone who fully understands them to perform repairs and services. This is the difference between visiting a GP and a specialist doctor! At Northallerton Service Centre we have an experienced 4×4 technician who can repair and service all makes and models of 4×4 offering you the greatest peace of mind. Our expert offers in depth knowledge of the key differences between four and two wheel drive vehicles, being able to diagnose and repair problems that could be missed by someone without this particular knowledge.

Our specialist 4×4 service includes:

Engine diagnostics
Car body repairs
Brakes servicing
Exhaust servicing
And more!

How can we help you?

If your 4×4 vehicle is approaching it’s MOT, needs an interim service or requires repairs to the body, engine, electricals or any other component, call us on 01609 772 139 and get booked in with our expert technician today!