Engine Diagnostics


What Is An Engine Diagnostic?

If you have a warning light appear on your dashboard or if your engine isn’t performing as well as it should then an engine diagnostic can be performed to find out what the problem is. This involves plugging a device into the cars in-built computer. This will then return a code which can be checked against the list of codes from that vehicles manufacturer which will pinpoint were the defect lies. This could end up being a variety of things, sometimes it can be very simple but other times it could be more complex. At Northallerton Service Centre, we will always give you a quote once the fault has been assessed before we start any work on your vehicle.

How We Can Help.

If you think your engine is under performing or you have noticed a warning light on the dash, pop along and speak to one of our technicians or call 01609 772 139 to book an appointment and we will help get your car back on the road.